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Use Less Energy with Energy Efficient Power Strips from EcoStrip

In today's world, we all are concerned with energy consumption. We make sure that we purchase appliances that are energy efficient, but why are we stopping there? EcoStrip provides energy efficient power strips to take our energy efficient approach to the home office as well. You may not be aware of how much energy your computer and other devices are using on a daily basis – even when you are not using them.

When you shut down your computer, you may think that you are not consuming any further electricity. But there is a type of energy consumption called "vampire power". This is power that is used by devices that are turned off, but still plugged in to the outlet. The outlet is still pumping out electricity to these devices, and you are paying for it on your electricity bill. Those who are aware of this problem will unplug the surge protector for their computer at night, but is this very convenient? Some home office set ups are organized in such a way that unplugging the computer can be cumbersome – involving crawling on the floor or reaching behind desks.

EcoStrip addresses this situation with energy efficient power strips that take care of cutting the power for you. By using a USB surge protector, you automate the process of stopping vampire power. The USB connection to your computer will detect when your computer is shut down. Once it shuts down, the smart power strip will then cut the power to other devices that are plugged into it. This means that you no longer have to worry about vampire power adding to your electricity bill every month, and you have the peace of mind knowing that you are keeping control over your energy consumption.

Interested in energy efficient power strips? Take a look at the power strips offered by EcoStrip by visiting http://www.ecostrip.com.

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Save Energy While Protecting Your Devices with Energy Efficient Power Strips from EcoStrip

An excellent way to save money today is to conserve energy. Whether at your home or business, saving money is very important. Many people have no idea how much energy they waste at night, normally while they are sleeping. If you are leaving your computer plugged in all night, even if you turn it off, it is wasting energy. All of your peripheral devices are also using energy while you sleep. While this may not be a lot of energy, each of these devices is taking energy from your outlets even if the main computer source is off. Energy efficient power strips from EcoStrip puts an end to this problem.

Most people think that by simply shutting down their computers at night they are solving the energy usage problem. This is not true. Your devices will still use power if they are plugged into an outlet because the outlet will continually pump electricity to them. Using energy saving power strips however solves this problem. While you could always go around and unplug your computer and all devices that are hooked up to it, this can be time consuming and frustrating if you have to do it each and every night. Power strips from EcoStrip solves the energy problem without the act of actually unplugging your devices.

Our smart power strips cut the power for you, without you having to crawl around under desks to find the appropriate power cords. When you plug the USB connection into your computer, the smart power strip will instantly detect when your computer is powered down for the night. Once the computer shuts down it will cut power to any devices that are plugged into your computer. This saves you energy that would be wasted if you left these devices powered all night.

By having smart power strips from EcoStrip plugged into your home or office computers, you could save as much as $100 or more each year on wasted energy. Imagine what you could do with this extra money. Power strips from EcoStrip are affordable and help you to eliminate wasted energy. This “vampire power” will be stopped and you can enjoy a substantial savings on your electric bills. Power strips from EcoStrip more than pay for themselves after just a few months. Feel free to browse the remainder of our website to learn more about the benefits of energy efficient power strips or contact us at EcoStrip today for more information.

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